Amazing log transporting trucks has been finished waiting for the delivery


    Specially designed logging transport truck from Shandong Steer Machinery waiting for delivery. 

    The logging transport truck is widely used in wood transportation in the forest area. This kind of truck is able to work in the forest which is in a rather bad road condition. With the assist of Sino truck and Shacman truck, we have designed a better truck and trailer for customers who have the business in the forest logging transportation. 

    The adapt edition of the truck and trailer is mainly designed after our engineer visiting in different countries. We have changed our technology to produce a better truck trailer for the safety and efficiency of our customers. 

   These trucks are designed for the customers in Africa, one kind of truck semi-trailer provide a total solution for our customers. Meanwhile, better quality trucks help our customers earn more money in log transporting and forest works. 

wood transport truck trailer  (12).jpg