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About Us

    SHANDONG STEER MACHINERY CO., LTD majors in the trucks and trailers producing and selling, is the sub-company of Huabang special vehicle co., ltd specialized in heavy-duty wind turbine transport trailer, wind tower trailer, heavy-duty low bed trailer, etc. For more details, please click the below image for more of the details. With 12 years of experience in the industrial area, we have the ability to make our products have a better performance. 


    Our main product including trucks and different kinds of semi trailers& dolly trailers. Steer machinery has a good relationship with Sinotruk which guaranteed us a better truck supplied with a better price. The semi-trailers including the low bed semi-trailer, end/side dump semi-trailer, container transport semi-trailer, bulk lime tanker&oil tanker semi-trailer. 

    Some other heavy-duty semi-trailers supplied such as the wind turbine transport trailer, wind tower transport trailer extendable ones, etc. The professional engineer provides us strong support in designing and producing the semi-trailers. Until now, our engineer will have 2-3 times innovative learning inland and overseas. In order to provide a better product for our clients, all the spare parts and the materials that we used mast pass the test control. 


   We are not selling the products with the lowest price, you may find that there are always cheaper products, but what we guaranteed is that we only supply the durable and good quality ones with the best price that we can supply. 


   Our aim is to supply better quality products with bottom price, to provide a better service in the international treading, to provide a better solution for the after-sales service, to make the client have a better experience of treading.